Feet First: My Love Affair with Yosi Samra Flats

I have been obsessed...

With a pair of flats. So obsessed that I ordered two and I have worn them 80% of the time in the last couple of months at work or while running errands. I even carry a pair folded away in my purse so I can change into them after a painful night of heels.

They are by the brand Yosi Samra. I stalk them on Shopbop (link to them here) - best service of any clothing retail site I have dealt with to date, free super fast shipping worldwide and a no-fuss way to deal with customs charges... this is why they get my business repeatedly! 

The flats come in a cute box and a drawstring bag in which you can fold them up and put them in a handbag. They range from $60-$80 in price and come in a variety of leather colours and finishes. My favourite pair is this dove grey patent leather one that has been the perfect light neutral for summer:

I am eyeing for a black leather pair next, which always seem to be sold out in my size. Speaking of size, they are very true to size. But for realz. If you have to do a lot of standing, walking, sitting around with shoes on - give these a go. They're cute, comfortable, and super portable.

You'll thank me later :)