Big Hair, Don't Care: Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray

I am not a super high maintenance chick when it comes to hair - I often sport the "just rolled out of bed and I'm not happy to be here" hair style, I have long and fine hair that is colour processed and I don't spend more than 15 minutes styling it unless I absolutely absolutely have to. 

Since I like to put in minimal effort, I like my products to deliver and therefore I pick my hair products very carefully.

I don't have a huge arsenal of hair styling products - sometimes I use mousse or a hair spray if I'm feeling adventurous but for the most part my basic hair routine consists of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in oil and Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray
*Note that there is a lotion version of this product as well, which I have tried, but I prefer the spray.

I spray it (about 4-5 sprays) at the crown of my hair while it's damp, let my hair air dry and then messily blow dry it for about five minutes. It's my fail-safe "hair routine" and the result is perfectly messy voluminous hair. 

say hello to my dusty mirror

I have been loyal to this product for a few years now (discovered it in 2010) and I always keep coming back. If you have long and fine hair like I do, this product will make you happy. I've tried a myriad of volumizing products but this just never fails. It's lightweight, doesn't contain crazy chemicals and it works! I always have a bad hair day when I don't use this product. What's cool is that it is lightweight so that in the days in between washes, it layers well with other products such as dry shampoos or texturizing sprays/hair sprays if you need to change up your style or liven things up.

I get this can of magic at my local hair salon. You can locate your hair salon on the Kevin Murphy website or score the goods on Amazon!

What is your fail safe hair styling product?