I can't stop won't stop wearing this lip combination. It's comfortable, it lasts well, it's flattering and it just plain makes me feel great. I've sang its praises on YouTube and now it's time to take it on to this medium as well.

*drum roll*

Chanel lip liner pencil in Rose Poudre (link) meets NARS Satin lip pencil in Biscayne Park (link)


I'm obsessed.

The two come together to melt into a warm peachy slightly rosy nude lip with a hint of shine from the NARS pencil. The Chanel lip liner adds dimension to the lip and enhances the lip line while NARS Biscayne Park just steals the show and makes me happy.

If you have a light/medium skin tone with warm undertones and love a nude lip that doesn't make you look like you crawled out of the grave, Biscayne Park will be a winner. I'll be wearing this combo well into the new year. What about you?

Have you tried NARS Satin Lip Pencils? Do you have a favourite combination?