SandraKiehl's, Fragrance

Kiehl's Musk Collection

SandraKiehl's, Fragrance
Kiehl's Musk Collection

Take a deep breath because this post is all about the smells. 

I am, as the UK ladies would say, "absolute rubbish" at describing scents but if you are a fan of musky woodsy fragrances then this needs to be on your radar and it needs to be on it fast. I was introduced to this branch of the Kiehl's scent tree by one of my best friends (hi, Blair!) a few years ago and I always stole a few spritzes of her bottle each time I'd go over her house. I figured it was about time I get my own bottle.

It's a delightful eau de toilette that has great lasting power and opening notes of bergamot and orange blossom. The opening notes are nothing to write home about but what really grips me about this fragrance is the dry down - it's floral (rose, lily, ylang-ylang, neroli) but wrapped around a sensual musk/white patchouli heart. *side note: can we take a moment to appreciate how ridiculous I just sounded describing this smell? I should stick to my day job.

The musky sweetness lasts several hours on me and faint traces can even be detected the next day. I guess this would depend on how it interacts with your body chemistry - musky/woodsy scents tend to grip more to me for some reason (it took two showers to get Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille off but that's another story).

Bottom line - I love this. This isn't necessarily a spring/summer scent but it's got enough of a balance between floral sweetness and muskiness to be a year-rounder. I love it so much I even got the shower gel. There is a body lotion in the set as well that I would have purchased but for some reason it was not available on the

Kiehl's Canada

site (which is where I ordered from). There is also an essential oil rollerball version!

You can find Kiehl's at several department stores in the US (





Neiman Marcus

, etc.),

Holt Renfrew

, some

The Bay

locations in Canada and on the



What's your current fragrance obsession?

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