Mask Mixologist: Osmia Detox Exfoliating Mask

I probably scared young children and gave you nightmares last time I posted about a clay mask (click here to revisit my review of the Aztec Clay Mask #neverforget), so it's time I do it again!

This time, I snatched my sample of the Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask and off I went. When you buy this mask, you get a bottle of black powder: clay, charcoal, cacao powder and manuka honey - all wonderful ingredients with anti-inflammatory, purifying and healing properties. It also comes with its very own little bowl and spatula for mixing. Since I was working with a sample, I had my own tools at the ready:

I mixed equal parts powder with water (around 2/2.5 teaspoons) and applied it with my fingers. The consistency was nice and light albeit you can use less water if you want a thicker mask.

It differs slightly from other clay mask I have tried in that it also contains small "exfoliating" grains in it. They are very fine and gentle, reminding me of the MAC Microfine Pore Refinisher, if anyone remembers that. The mask smells very subtly like cocoa, which I love. After leaving it on for 15-20 minutes I rinsed it with warm water. The exfoliating grains made it super easy to rinse and it felt great to take the time and massage my skin with those little grains, leaving my skin super smooth and plump.

This mask is awesome. It's fun to mix your own mask, the ingredients are natural & organic, it's not super drying and I love the subtle cocoa scent. It's a great alternative if masks like the Aztec Clay are too drying/intense.

You can buy this online at or if you're in Canada carries the line and they have an awesome sample program!

What are your favourite clay masks?