Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

Whenever Chanel releases a new foundation, I can't help it... I have to to try it! With Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua being one of my all time favourite foundations, I was excited to see the new member of the Chanel foundation family in a very similar packaging. 

The packaging is compact, sleek and super easy to travel with.

Perfection Lumiere Velvet

is slated to replace Mat Lumiere, which I owned and liked before (albeit not as much as V. Aqua). I matched myself to the shade Beige 20, which is near perfect. As with most Chanel foundations, on my skin this does dry down about half a shade darker and warmer. It doesn't oxidize as badly as Vitalumiere Aqua, which turns more pink on me. It is quite a runny liquid formula and blends effortlessly with fingers or a brush. It has a peachy scent, similar to that of Soleil Tan De Chanel/Bronze Universal.

Although it shares the name with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation (

which I reviewed here

 and *spoiler alert* I didn't like it), I liked this so much more. 

The dry down is powdery but the finish is not dull and matte. You won't want to powder it at all after applying it, it looks absolutely great. I find the "velvet" description to be very accurate. You can see in the photo (no concealer or powder was used) that the finish is mattifying but not dull. The coverage is a true medium coverage, but can be built up to full in areas. If you use your fingers to apply it, you can build the coverage up more easily. I preferred using a Real Techniques buffing brush to apply it since it was the quickest. It does not cling on to dry patches and it looks really really good when freshly applied.

Lasting power - without powdering, on oily skin, this foundation lasted only about 2-3 hours before I had to blot. That's nothing a good primer/powder can't fix but I must say I am a little bit disappointed that it didn't have better lasting power. It ultimately has the same wear time as Vitalumiere Aqua which isn't bad, but I expected it to be better since the finish is geared towards oilier skins. Another disappointing factor is that it transfers easily. Don't wear white shirts with this. I'm serious.

In conclusion - I liked this foundation a lot but it did fall short for me in the wear time category which is important to me when looking for a foundation. If your skin is more on the normal/slightly combination side I think you will really love it. It has a gorgeous velvet finish, great buildable coverage and it's super lightweight on the skin.

It retails for $45 and can be found at Chanel counters worldwide. I got mine at The Bay (Canada). You can also find it at





Neiman Marcus

, etc. in the USA.

Have you tried this foundation? Would you want to?