Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Cleansin' Wednesday is a weekly instalment of this blog in which I review a different cleanser (until I run out... and start hoarding cleansers again!) The Clinique "Take The Day Off" Cleansing Balm is my first foray into cleansing balms. I purchased it late last year and have been using it regularly for makeup removal at night. It’s a rather stiff lard-like mass in a plastic purple pot. It reminds me of coconut oil, texture-wise. The writing on the packaging rubbed off pretty quickly within the first month of use so it’s not very aesthetically pleasing but the product itself is an excellent makeup remover. Dare I say I prefer it to Bioderma? I just feel like I get a more thorough cleanse when I use this balm.

I massage it onto dry skin and watch it melt all the makeup off before rinsing it off and going in with a second cleanser. It’s more effective at removing stubborn mascara however if you are super conscious about massaging the delicate skin of the eye area, a separate eye makeup remover might be a better option for you (I’m a fan of the Dior Instant Eye Makeup Remover or Lancome Bi Facil). At $35 (available at Sephora) it is a great value. It’s an effective makeup remover, it is free of fragrance and irritants, making it ideal for all skin types. Aside from the packaging fading and the fact that being scent-free it literally feels like putting lard on your face, you really can’t go wrong with this cleansing balm. It does its job and it does it well.

Have you ventured into cleansing balms? What are some of your favourites?