Dior Sundeck Eyeshadow Palette, Summer 2014

Dior Sundeck Eyeshadow Palette, Summer 2014

I love eyeshadow palettes for their convenience but when it comes to actually buying them I am incredibly picky and often times would rather purchase individual shades and be an embarrassing makeup overpacker on trips. But sometimes, only sometimes, a beautiful unicorn pops up on the horizon - Dior's limited edition eyeshadow palette for Summer 2014:

#564 Sundeck

It's my first ever Dior eyeshadow palette and what grabbed my attention is the fiery shade in the middle... then I fell for 


 texture of the gold & rosy champagne shades. They have the most beautiful metallic sheen that illuminates the eye, they blend easily and still manage to stand out but in a subtle way (oxymoron). Metallics are fun in the summer but texture-wise a lot of them can come off looking a bit too harsh and inappropriate for daytime. These colours can be taken from day to night with ease.

The cream shade is an excellent base/brow highlight and I used the dark warm brown shade to line my upper and lower lash line. I used the warm orange goodness in the center to warm up the crease. It reminds me a bit of NARS Taj Majal blush but without the scary intensity. I don't think I'd ever let Taj Mahal blush near my eyes... I can barely handle that on my cheeks but that's another story for another time! Let's "ooh" and "aah" over these pretty shades together, shall we? :)

The Dior Sundeck eyeshadow palette is limited edition for Summer 2014 - available at


and other fine Dior counters near you!