Hair Holy Grails: The Sequel

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my absolute must-haves when it comes to hair products. Click here to re-visit the post. I have long, fine hair (not a lot of it) that is colour processed. I love messy slightly wavy hair so I absolutely love using volumizing products.

However, since my hair is so fine, I have to be careful when choosing products aimed at adding volume and texture because too much product or the wrong product can weigh the hair down and make it look like a mess (the struggle is real, people).

Here is the second instalment of Hair Holy Grails. The three products I am sharing with you today have been recent loves that I have discovered over the last year and boy oh boy do I love them!

Two of them are by Oribe, which is in my mind the Rolls Royce of hair product lines. I'm a tough critic so not every product I have tried from the brand has been a winner, but these two are absolutely amazing and I will repurchase in a heartbeat - the cult favourite Dry Texturizing Spray (shown here in the travel size version) gives your hair that matte piece-y texture without weighing it down. It's also awesome for adding volume at the crown of your hair if you do any teasing. I personally don't like teasing my hair so I opt for the more airy Thick Dry Finishing Spray for a boost of volume at the roots as the very last step after styling. It's like walking through an organized wind tunnel - adds the perfect amount of airy volume without weighing my hair down.

Oh, and did I mention that both of these smell amazing? You can find Oribe at some high end hair salons, Jacob & Sebastian boutiques in Toronto, Space NKNet-A-Porter and Neiman Marcus

Last on the dock (and in dire need of a repurchase) is my favourite clarifying shampoo in the universe, Bumble and Bumble Sunday. It gets rid of product build-up and gets my hair as clean as can be. I use it about every other week and it's like a reboot to my hair routine.

I can't recommend these enough and I would love to hear about some of your holy grail hair products in the comment section!