Getting Down To Business

"Business Casual" is one of the workplace dress codes that I hear the most often, and it's also the most confusing. How much casual is too casual? What level of formality is acceptable? Can I wear jeans? Unfortunately the answer lies with the individual workplace. Always ask your Human Resources representative or your manager if you're ever unsure. Where I work, business casual means put together and comfortable, no denim, but don't bust out the full 2-piece suit either. 

Since today's video in collaboration with John Frieda Canada is all about my go-to weekday hairstyles, I decided to add a fashion element to it by pairing each style with the outfits I rely on the most during the week. Here are the details!

OUTFIT ONE - Sleek & Soft
If you've been on the fence on whether to get the Babaton Cohen Pant from Aritzia, get them. They wash well, have a flattering mid rise and they are cropped to show off your cute shoes. If you are on a budget, this is my go-to destination for affordable cute trousers. The fabric is super nice, has a great weight to it and is matte. My blouse is by Equipment, in the Adalyn style. I prefer this style to the brand's classic shirt design with front pockets. Equipment is a brand known for their silk shirts. I absolutely love the fit of their shirts, although unfortunately what comes along with that is a high price tag. The good news is that with proper care (I hand wash it in cold water using a gentle detergent) they will last you a long time. This blouse is 2 years old now. The heels are nude suede by Vince, and they're currently on sale. Hurray!


OUTFIT TWO - Back to Black
My default combination of black and more black is brightened up a bit with pointed toe flats and a tomato red tote. You'll have seen the tote around here a few times as I have worn it a ton over the summer. Sadly the bright red shade is no longer available but you can still shop it in black in the widget below.  Culottes are from Zara and top is rag & bone! My black and white flats are by Rangoni although sadly they're no longer available. I listed some alternatives below.


OUTFIT THREE - Vested Interest
Did you miss seeing me in a vest? lol. I'm so predictable. This outfit is inspired by a penguin and it's one of my faves. I love the crisp white Tee from & Other Stories, with its boxy fit and thick fabric. Trousers are the same ones from Aritzia, and the flats are by Nine West. 

What are your go-to workplace outfits?